From everything I've read about Temar Boggs, he's just another teenager. He and his buddies were just hanging out together when they heard that police were searching for a 5-year- old girl who had been reported as kidnapped. Temar and his buddies swung into action.

Boggs, 15, and his friends got on their bikes and joined the search. Boggs said that it was just a gut feeling that they could find the girl, so they started searching secluded areas around their neighborhood.

Sure enough, after checking the woods and the area near a local creek, the guys spotted a car backing out of a neighborhood. to Boogs, it looked like someone avoiding the authorities. Boggs and company approached the car and, knowing he was nailed, the alleged kidnapper pushed the girl out of the car.

Boggs picked up the child and took her to the police who were searching the area. Boogs say's, "I'm just a normal person," he said. "It was a blessing for me to make that happen."

Yeah, kids are really rotten these days. I know Temar would never think of himself as a hero, but he and his friends didn't have to join the search and they sure didn't have to confront the waste of DNA that kidnapped the girl. Nice goin' guys!