Hats off to Lon Davis of Olathe, Kansas. Lon has a wheelchair-bound son, and a few years ago, his son wanted to be Wall-E for Halloween, soLon customized his son's wheelchair to make the costume complete. Well, before you knew it, other people with children in wheelchairs were going to Lon to have customized chairs made for their kids, and now it's turned into a burgeoning charity, with more orders than they can fill.

This is such a great idea, I just had to share it with you. Lon and his company, Walkin' and Rollin Costumes, provide the service free of charge, but, of course, there are materials needed to make the wheelchair costumes. The company has a Go Fund Me page, and you can make donations through that page.

It's not just a great idea, it's an idea worth getting behind. I'm thinking we could do something like that right here in this area, with all the talented artists and craftspeople we have here, it would be fairly easy to accomplish this task. Don't you think it would be a great year-round charity?

For kids in wheelchairs, what could be cooler than a custom-designed chair? Not just for Halloween, but every day. I'm going to work on organizing a charity like this in the Lake Area. I'll keep you posted on my progress.

In the meantime, please help out these folks by using the Go Fund Me link above.

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