Scientific Proof that Santa Exists [VIDEO]
Santa time is here, but unfortunately, there are lots of non-believers out there.  They have lots of so-called "facts" to prove the big man doesn't exist, but check out this proof that he really does exist.  You might want to rethink your beliefs...
Reindeer Trivia [VIDEO]
Want to be the Cliff Claven of your holiday parties? Astound your friends, co-workers and family members with your knowledge of Santa's reindeer!
Light up the Lake
Anyone who was at the Lake Charles Civic Center yesterday and last night will agree that this was the best crown ever for the annual Christmas festivities.
How to Send Santa Letters
It one fun thing you get to do with your kids this time of year. You get to sit down with them and help them write their letter to Santa; but where do you send it?