I suppose that, by now, most people are familiar with the website "Awkward Family Family Photos." Talk about a great idea for a website. I have to confess to a slight twinge of creative envy every time I visit that site. I do wish I'd thought of it first. It's a funny site for the same reason that the old TV show "Candid Camera" was funny. It's funny because it depicts us in the act of just being ourselves and, make no mistake, "People Are Funny" to bring in the title of another TV show.

It's funny how children all over the world love Santa, but , as you will see from the pictures, the actual presence of the man seems to do something to kids. Let's face it, when it comes to meeting St. Nick, the experience has no middle ground. Kids are either enthralled to meet him or they are terrified beyond belief!

Well, you can forget the heartwarming pictures of the happy kids on Santa's lap on this website. What you will find is a collection of screaming kids and some of the worst depictions of Santa that you will ever see. Several pictures of the grand old man kind of made a chill run down my spine.

You'll see what I mean when you check out these Creepy Santas



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