What You Said in Our Bowe Bergdahl Poll
CNN is running stories saying that Bowe Bergdahl was tortured while in Taliban captivity. Fox News is saying that Bergdahl declared Jihad against the United States. As usual the stories paint two very different pictures. Which do our listeners believe... that was the question.
Who You Want to Vote Out -- Lake Poll Results
If you are like a lot of us you wonder if anything was accomplished by the government shutting down. Did they not just put off the same fight until later? We wondered if you were happy with that and here is how you voted in our poll.
Who Is to Blame For Government Shut Down? [POLL]
Anyone who uses facebook has seen the blame flying on this one. It would seem that most people just repost something they saw on someone else's page. Chances are they have not even read the article and have done very little to no research on the subject...

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