Since the days of the old TV show Candid Camera, I've been a fan of the man on the street approach to news. I think this video really brings out a very important quirk of human nature and that is that no one wants to admit they are out of touch with the news and, as a result, people will claim they know all about a news situation even it turns out that the news in question is questionable.

Jimmt Kimmel and company went out on the streets to get people's reaction to the "news" that Obama is running for a third term. Now, that's impossible,  but it didn't keep people from weighing in on the subject and even claiming that they saw the story on the news.

It's really amazing that no one called them on the story, but everyone had an opinion. I suppose it's just human nature to want to appear informed about current events. I think that it also kinds of puts people on the spot when they get approached by news cameras and they certainly don't want to come across as misinformed on television.

It could also be that, some of the people interviewed are just plain not living in reality as well.