McNeese Basbeall Takes First Loss of Season
If you had ask anyone before the season started if they would be happy with 4-1 in the first five games .... I think they all would have said yes. McNeese baseball lost their first game of the season yesterday to Louisiana Tech 12-2
McNeese Falls To Lamar
With a lack of consistency In New Orleans, at LSU and McNeese; there has been little to cheer about during this year's football season. The same thing can not be said across the Sabine River where the Cardinals have had a great season and last night capped it off with a road victory over our Co…
McNeese and LSU Lose
Is it just me or is there a glaring similarity between the way the Cowboys and Tigers lost last night? A strong running game will win some ball games. A strong passing game will win some games; but you have to be able to do both to win a championship. Neither team was able to do that consistently la…
McNeese Cowboys Rise To 6 In Polls
It's nice to begin the season ranked high in the polls. It excites your players and fans; but it's much better to be ranked high at the end of the season. The McNeese Cowboys are experiencing a mid season rise through the Top Ten in both FCS polls

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