Stain Remover Remedy
No matter how careful we are, everyone gets stains on their clothes at one time or another.  Most of the time when that happens, I am no where near a washing machine.  So time with a stain is our enemy, the longer it sits, the harder it gets to remove it...
Revealing Lips
We have all been warned since we were kids about the damage the sun can do to our skin. For many years now we have recognized the benefits of the all important sun screen when going outside.  We all know we should protect our eyes from the suns rays with really good sunglasses with UV protectio…
Dry Cleaning Made Easy
I really hate having to shell out money for dry cleaning. Not to mention that horrible chemical smell so often associated with clothes that have been dry cleaned.
Easy Easter Eggs
Needless to say, when I found these easy tricks to creating beautiful Easter Eggs I got really egg-cited. .
Cupcake Topper
Since we are celebrating the luck of the Irish next week, this easy cupcake topper can make your family smile.
Super Easy, Super Healthy Vegetable Soup
I used this soup a few years ago, mainly as a way to lose weight, but I found that I loved the flavor so much that it became one of my favorites to have anytime.
It really is super easy and it's loaded with nutrients.
It's a great way to lose weight and a great way to warm up these cold wint…