Senior Citizen Gets Down and Dances
Don't tell Shirley Clements that she's too old to bust a move because she'll show you how wrong you are.
Clements is 60 years-old and she also happens to be a dance teacher at Artistic Edge Dance Academy. Now, you'd think that age 60 she would be teaching ballroom dancing...
Dancing in the Movies - Supercut
Dancing on the silver screen has been happening since film was invented. From the big time musicals to the small quirky dances that pop up now and then.
There are so many examples of dancing we could only fit 246 films in this cut.  From "Grease" to "Dirty Dancing&…
Christopher Walken is a Dancing Fool
I've always thought that Christopher Walken was an excellent actor, but it was only a few years ago that I learned that Christoper Walken considered himself and 'song and dance man.'Here's proof that, in addition to playing some pretty odd characters, the man can indeed dance. In…
Man Dancing on Power Lines Gets Shocked
I remember losing my electricity once because a squirrel got fried while running down a power line. It wasn't the squirrel's fault. I'm sure no one had ever explained to it what was in those wires. You gotta think most humans do know what those wires carry though. This guy now knows h…
Five Tips for Dancing Impaired Guys [VIDEO]
Heather says that most guys, when they try to dance, look like a 'frog in a blender.' Women love to dance and, sadly, most guys just look foolish when they try it. Well, this may help: Here are 5 Tips for Dancing Impaired Guys!
Cutest Dancing Two Year Old Ever (VIDEO)
This will make your day. We have all seen little two year old kids get the dancing fever. It's always so cute. They are usually just beginning to feel the rhythm and are very award. This two year old is ready for the stage.

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