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Top 10 Phone Scams
Here, according to the BBB, are 10 scams that are working around the country and a few things to be aware of in case you are contacted by one of these scammers.
BBB Warns of a New Scam Working the Area
Carmen Million, President of the Lake Charles Better Business Bureau, says that there is a new scam working in our area and in parts of Texas. the scam centers around your energy bill and could potentially cost you a lot of money you can't get back.
Scam Alert -- Caller ID Spoofing
Next time your phone rings and you don't recognize the number of the caller, you might want to wait and see if they leave a message. there's a relatively new scam out there and it's called 'Caller ID Spoofing.'
Here's how it works and some advice from The Better Business…
Local Scam Using McNeese Name- Do NOT Donate
The Better Business Bureau is reporting a scam targeting local businesses that uses the McNeese State University name.
According to a news release from Carmen Million, BBB president, two out-of-state firms -- National Business Advertising, Florence, Kentucky and D & D Advertising, Cincinnati, …
New Internet Scam Working Lake Area
The BBB is once again receiving calls from local residents concerning an Internet scam hitting this area. Computer hackers are gaining access to email accounts and social networking sites to assume someone's identity to get money. Here's how it works: