Buc-ee's is a popular subject among Texans. Whether its the cool shirt they picked up at their last visit, enjoying a new bag of Beaver Nuggets or rumors about where the next Buc-ee's location could pop up, Buc-ee's is overwhelmingly popular with a majority of folks. That doesn't mean that some are not as positive about their Buc-ee's experience.

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It has been reported that Buc-ee's has about 100 customer complaints against the company through the Better Business Bureau (BBB). What makes this situation worse is that according to Dan Parsons, president of the BBB of Metropolitan Houston and South Texas, the corporate level of Buc-ee's will not respond to these complaints. A Buc-ee's lawyer said that its better to go to the store directly or through their website.

One complaint mentions buying a stuffed Buc-ee for their 2-year-old only to have the stitching come loose and the tail fall off in the parking lot. They tried to exchange it for a new one but were not allowed. Another customer complained of mold on his beef jerky. After driving back to the store, he claims all he got was an argument with the manager and no resolution.

When you look on the BBB's website, it says that "The company has stated they will not answer complaints forwarded to them by the BBB." Buc-ee's also has a "F" rating with the BBB. I will mention that some complaints are a little questionable, some even downright inconsequential, but that doesn't take away from the fact that a customer was unhappy and it seems nothing was done about it.

If you want to check out some of the complaints, you can see them at the BBB Website.

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