We haven't had a good phone scam in several weeks, and this is a nasty one because the people working the scam are representing themselves as the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff's Office. Now, getting a call from the SO saying that you have outstanding warrants and you'll be arrested on the spot if you don't pay a fine might not sound like much of a scam, but at least one resident got caught up in the web, and it cost plenty of money.

If you should get a call from one of these crooks, don't fall for it. The caller will tell you that a warrant has been issued for your arrest because you failed to appear in court, or some other imaginary infraction. It's at that point that they become most helpful. They basically say that they won't come arrest you if you pay the fine. How convenient! You can pay the fine right there on the phone. The caller will then instruct you to get a PayPal card and you, my friend, are one cooked goose.

According to Sheriff Tony Mancuso, that's just not how they operate at the SO. Mancuso says that, under no circumstances, will law enforcement officials ask you for money or to get a PayPal account for any reason. Now, if you do have an outstanding warrant or some other official business, you may get a courtesy call, but the caller will not ask for money on the phone.

No law enforcement agency is going to call and ask you for money. Fines and such are all handled through proper channels. If you get a call telling you that you are going to be arrested if you don't pay a fine right then and there, the best bet is to hang up.

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