Even though voters shot down 3 of the 4 school bonds during November elections, the CPSB announced they'll be taking $50 million dollars from their general fund for capital improvements.  This action has many SWLA residents questioning their actions.

Calcasieu Parish School board member Eric Tarver talked to KPLC and explained their decision in more depth:

This money is not going to build any shiny new buildings," he said. "It's not going to alleviate any major crowding problems. We are going to do some of the things that really sort of irritate people which is bathrooms that look run down, roofs that leak, those kinds of things. - Eric Tarver

Many SWLA residents took to social media to voice their concerns over the CPSB's actions, below are some of the reactions:

  • Kathy wrote "this is why I vote no on taxes. They always seem to find the money after the tax issues fail. Simply amazing."
  • Kay said "if the school board has an extra 50 million, then why did we just vote on a new bond tax?"
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CPSB Superintendent Karl Bruchhaus explained that the 50 million will be distributed to SWLA schools by the number of students they have in their district!  So the schools with more students will get a bigger portion than smaller schools.

Bruchhas told KPLC that the money will begin to be filtered to area schools beginning this summer.

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