There are some easy ways for us to save on our energy bills.  And one great way is to start using those beautiful ceilings fans (they really are there to be more than just decorations).  By circulating the air in our house, the air conditioner doesn't have to work as hard, thus saving you money!  If you don't have ceiling fans, get a box fan or two and place them in strategic areas of your home.

Avoid using your oven whenever possible.  Since it heats up the kitchen when it's in use that also will make your ac work harder.  Try using your crock pot or your counter-top toaster oven instead.

Plant trees or shrubbery around your home to give it more shade.  Also, plant a shade tree over your outside air conditioning unit.  By using a well placed tree over the unit, it will keep the ac from having to work so hard to keep itself cool.

Simply by adjusting your AC thermostat to 76-78 degrees you will cut down your expensive utility bill.  And, yes, I do this at my home and I am still here to let you know you will not melt and will get used to it. And don't forget to change out that ac filter so it doesn't have to work so hard.

By giving these simple tips a try, you'll be happier when the utility bill comes and you don't break out in a sweat rushing to the BANK FOR A LOAN to pay it.