Yeah, I know we all love a three day weekend. It's nice to have those days to recharge and have some fun. It's great to fire up the grill and have some friends over for some fun and relaxation. Those days are always anticipated with great relish and we count the days until they are here.

Most of the stores have sales and you can save money on everything from laundry detergent and sheets to new cars. Some of us even take to the road and leave all the hassles and stress at home and that is a very good thing to do indeed. Still, let's not forget the reason we have this three day weekend and the incredible price far too many young men and women paid so that we could enjoy the amazing freedom we have.

Take a few minutes sometime this weekend and remember these heroes. they didn't have hit records or play sports or do any of the things we usually recognize people for doing. What they did was so much more important that it's almost a sacrilege to compare the two.

This is, quite simply a song about those people and sacrifices and it's a great reminder of those brave people and the ultimate price they all paid for us.

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