Don't you hate to have to throw something away?  Many times that something can be used for a completely different purpose around the house or in the yard.  Last month I took an old wooden cooler and re-purposed it.  After all, it still was a good cooler with a nice frame and cute fleur de lis on the front.  The main thing that was wrong with it was the lid didn't fit properly anymore.   So I removed the lid and used the container to put a beautiful color bowl of flowers and veggies in it.  It has saved us room on our patio and is a beautiful addition to house our flowers.

Some other simple and common things that can easily be re-purposed are:

old collandars can be used for hanging baskets

old keys can be made into pendants, earrings and even key holders when you put a hook on it.

used shredded papers can be re-purposed to add to your garden for mulching and also for cat litter (hopefully NOT in your garden).

old teapots and teacups can be reused as containers for small flowers, like violets.

So think twice  before you bring anything to the may have a little more life in it and be ready for a new purpose before it goes to the trash graveyard.  And who knows, it may turn out to be a really fun, family project!