Imagine you are asleep in your mobile home when you notice it is moving. You open your door to see your mobile home has been turned into a house boat! Something very similar happened in Cameron Parish early last Sunday Morning.

Sandy Huffaker/Getty Images

According to KPLC TV  it is such a rare weather occurrence that it does not even have a name. That also makes it unpredictable and that is the scariest part for Cameron Parish residents. It hapenned around 2 a.m. this past Sunday morning. Cameron Parish residents from the Sabine to Rutherford Beach woke up to find the gulf had invaded their yards. It is decribed as a tropical surge without the tropical storm. In some places this surge was just under six feet and occured in a matter of minutes!. According to KPLC TV RVs were knocked off their blocks, fences and AC units were tossed around the landscape. Authorities shut down La. 82 due to the high water and debris. There is no telling when this could happen again.

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