I'm going to try and not editorialize on this story, but the mere mention of Kevin Daigle's name just sets me off. I guess, in the interest of my blood pressure, I'll just tell you the latest on this guy's trial.

Kevin Daigle's defense team is asking for a change of venue in his first-degree murder trial. That move was pretty much expected, given the amount of coverage given this sensational story has received. While Daigle's attorneys have not filed the motion for a change of venue as of this writing, there will be a hearing on the case coming up on May 25th.

The defense is also seeking more time to prepare their case, and are expected to be filing a motion indicating it will not be able to comply with the deadline for filing motions. That will also be heard May 25.

Daigle is the man accused of killing State Trooper Steven Vincent and another man, Blake Brewer, last year. He's charged with first-degree murder in connection with Vincent's death, and second degree murder in connection with Brewer's death. The state is seeking the death penalty in the first-degree murder case if Daigle is convicted. A conviction of second degree murder carries life in prison.

The state has severed the second-degree murder charge, which means it will be tried separately.  The first-degree murder trial is expected to be first.

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