He just may be the most hated man in the Lake Area. Kevin Daigle, for many people is the embodiment of evil as far as many around here are concerned, so it's not surprising that he sought and got a change of venue in his murder trial for the slaying of Louisiana State Trooper Steven Vincent. There are stipulations to that change of venue.

Judge Guy Bradbeey did grant a change of venue for the selection of jury only. The jury will be picked in Benton La., which is in Bossier Parish - the 26th Judicial District - and then brought to Calcasieu Parish for the evidence part of the trial.

As we all know, Daigle has been charged in not one murder, but two. The court has decided that Daigle will be tried first for the murder of Steven Vincent. After that trial has been concluded, he will be tried in the murder of his own former roommate, Blake Brewer.

Judge Bradberry also heard arguments regarding the trial date itself. that trial has been scheduled for September 19th, but arguments were heard regarding moving the trial to a later date.

Since the state is seeking the death penalty, a very exhaustive defense is required and moving that September date to a later one will give his defense more time to prepare. Even once the trial is concluded, appeals can and do last for years.




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