In the midst of all the new jobs being created in our state, according to the U.S. Labor Department, unemployment went up in the month of December

It seems that despite the fact that our economy seems to be creating a lot of jobs, the creation of those jobs just isn't keeping up with the ever growing number of people looking for jobs.

Last month, the state's jobless rate increased for the eighth strait month coming in at 6.7%. That figure is up from the November number of 6.5%. that puts us in a tie for the sixth-highest rate in the country.

Those figures have to be tempered with the fact that we also have hit new highs for jobs being created in Louisiana. The number of folks who say they have found work rose to about 2.05 million and employer payrolls also took a jump to 1.99 million.

Those latest figures were released yesterday by the U.S. Labor Department.