If you are a State Farm insurance customer, you might want to follow this story.  The insurance company is seeking a rate increase for Louisiana customers.


State Farm Fire and Casualty Co., Louisiana’s largest homeowners insurer, has asked insurance regulators for a rate increase that would average 19.1 percent statewide.

The Louisiana Department of Insurance will consider the request, which could generate $67.6 million, or an average of about $229 per policyholder. The company has about 296,000 policyholders in the state.

Insurance rates vary statewide, but rates are generally higher in storm-vulnerable coastal areas. State Farm spokeswoman Molly Quirk-Kirby also said individual increases will vary depending on deductibles and policy limits.

Quirk-Kirby said rate increase requests are based on projections of future losses and expenses — and not past losses, such as insurers sustained during the hurricanes of 2005 and 2008.

State Farm received an average 8.3 percent increase last year in Louisiana after asking for 13.7 percent. Quirk-Kirby said that the company had projected that future losses and expenses called for a 28.2 percent hike.

via State Farm seeks 19 percent rate increase in Louisiana | NOLA.com.


Are you a State Farm customer???  What do you think of the company seeking a rate increase??