Last week's outbreak of severe weather that saw two people losing their lives in  our state is an indication of just how quickly the winds can turn.  In Louisiana we are no strangers to catastrophic wind damage. Whether it be the forces of a hurricane or tornado to a sudden downdraft or microburst from an afternoon thunderstorm there are ill winds that blow across our part of the country.

State Farm Insurance has  issued their annual report on state's that receive the most wind damage across the country. Louisiana is ranked at number 11 on that list.  In 2015, according to State Farm records, the insurance company paid 3,300 wind damage claims.

Severe thunderstorms, tornadoes, wind storms. It doesn’t have to be a tornado to cause catastrophic damage to your home.

State Farm spokesperson Roszell Gadsen voice that observation in a story reported by the Louisiana Radio Network.

The state with most wind damage claims was Texas. The Lone Star State reported more than 11 thousand wind damage and tornado related claims in 2015. Texas was followed by Illinois, Georgia, Oklahoma, and Minnesota.

This week the State of Louisiana is observing Severe Weather Awareness Week. Gadsen suggest that homeowners use this week to review their homeowner's coverage and make sure they are protected against wind damage and other calamities.

The last thing you want to do not pay attention to your policy year after year and you have a catastrophic loss and figure out that your policy was not up to date and you didn’t have the coverage that you needed.


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