Speckled Trout usually begin the move into the Calcasieu River System in early spring and gradually work their way north/ I have caught them in Lake Charles as early as late June and they are usually gone with the first tropical system that passes through in September or October. This year was very different.


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The dry fall meant that people were catching speckled trout in Lake Charles as late as last week (well into January.) The reason is because low rainfall amounts mean less freash water and a higher salinity count in the water. speckled trout mainly live in salt water. You can usually tell because the water is much more clear when it is salty and tends to get muddy and look like a Cafe Au Lait when fresh water pushed the salt water south. The average rainfall for the month of January is 5.62 inches. According to NOAA ... as of January 4th we have already had 6.67 inches of rainfall. I'm affraid that has ended our unusually long speckled trout season until we can catch them in South Big Lake in the spring. Let me know what you think.