In the words of John Lennon, "Instant karma's going to get you." There's really nothing quite like seeing someone get what's coming to them right away. It's kind of like, when you're driving down the street and you see someone driving like a jerk, you wish the cops would see them, pull them over and give them a ticket right there and then.

That actually happened to me about two years ago. I was driving down Ryan one Saturday morning and the guy in front off me just decided he was tired of driving in the inside lane and, with no signal or anything, just pulled over and cut me off. I delivered a few choice words and as I was ranting at the guy, I heard a siren behind me. they guy got stopped and ticketed. That just made my day.

In this video, there's a bit of instant karma handed out to a shoplifter. Shortly after the video opens, we can see the woman hot footing it for the door with her purloined prize when, suddenly, she is stopped cold by the glass in a revolving door. It actually shatters the glass and knocks the woman on her butt. She did manage to get up and get away, but cops are looking for a woman with a HUGE bruise on her forehead. Enjoy this moment of instant karma.

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