Say it however you like. I call it instant karma and it's usually pretty sweet when it happens to someone who is being a jerk like the woman in this video. It's always nice to see someone who is so full of themselves get taken down a peg or two and that's exactly what happens to the woman in this video.

Apparently, the staff working at this take-out kabob place got the woman's order wrong and that set her off. The fact that the staff didn't have a great grasp of English didn't help her mood and the fact that she seems to be quite full of herself was just the icing on the cake.

The payoff is when the woman finishes her tirade and goes to leave the restaurant. Apparently, despite her superior attitude, she hasn't quite mastered the art of walking through a door and she smacks right into the closed door. Watch as she ruins her own exit. I'm just kind of surprised that nobody pointed and laughed. Now, that would ahve been sweet.

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