I got to see my old friend Sheriff Tony Mancuso the other day. Tony came on the show to talk about a special program the CPSO is offering to all local businesses called "Together We Can." The program addresses the very real world problem how to protect yourself in an active shooter situation.

According to Sheriff Mancuso:

"If it's predictable, it's preventable and we could predict that something like this could happen, so we have to be prepared."

Sheriff Mancuso and I talked about the fact that, while actual handling a shooter situation is the job of law enforcement, the general public also has an important role to play as well and being prepared is a big part of that job.

"Start thinking of what you are going to do if that person comes at you, and how you can save yourself and others,"

Mancuso told us that the program is on DVD and is free for the asking. While the CPSO will be distributing the video to area businesses, they obviously can't cover the whole area, so if you would like this program for your business, all you have to do is contact the Sheriff's Office.

If you own a business, it would be a good idea to cover this subject with your employees because, as we all know, situations like this can happen anywhere and you don't have to be a large international corporation to be at risk.

Sheriff Mancuso also told us that, in addition to the instructional video, that deputies will also offer on-site training as well. Again, the program is free for the asking.

Help your business and your workers be prepared for such an emergency. If you're interested, contact the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff's Office at 337-491-3715 or you can email them at : twc@cpso.com







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