While most of us are still struggling with our New Years Resolutions to lose weight in the face of the King Cake invasion, and anticipating next weeks Valentines rush of sweet chewy chocolate treats - McDonald's is already mixing up the next caloric threat to our summer swimsuit bodies.

Ronald McDonald and company announced a few days ago they're offering four new flavors of the 'Shamrock Shake' for St Patrick's Day, which by the way falls on a Friday this year.

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At a mere 530 calories in addition to the annual favorite mint flavored shake, this year the golden arched eatery is adding a chocolate version, with two layers- a chocolate shake on the bottom with a mint-custard mix on top.  A Shamrock Chocolate Chip Frappe with a mixture of mint syrup, mocha and caramel frappe, and Shamrock versions of hot chocolate and frappe' simply adding mint syrup to those beverages.

So that you don't really have to wait, they're starting to roll out these enticing diet destroyers now.  Thanks again hamburgler...

In January 2018 I'm going to be smarter, and resolve to gain weight. Bon Appetit.

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