This is the story you've been waiting for. What a convergence of wonderful events unfolded this weekend! April the Giraffe had her baby and Payton Manning finally revealed the meaning behind the word "Omaha." It's like the heavens opened up and all our questions have been answered.

Okay, so, perhaps the news isn't as earth shaking as all that, but I, for one, have been very curious about the oft chanted word before the ball was snapped. It didn't help that there seemed to be no rhyme or reason behind him shouting the word. Still, I had to know the answer to this great mystery.

So, now that I know the answer to the meaning of Omaha, I will, no doubt rest easy tonight. Of course, knowing me, some new concern will creep into my reverie and I'll lie there in the dark wondering about something else from the recesses of my brain. I don't know about you, but it seems to me that my curiosity about something is no sooner satisfied than I think of something else to ponder while I try in vain to go to sleep.

It's the same thing every night. I get in bed, get the pillow situated just right, turn off the light and my brain says to me, "I'm ready to think now."



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