A man was roasted on Reddit after he revealed he insisted his wife stay home and watch their kids instead of attend her family member's funeral.

The man shared his wife's stepdad's father "died a few days ago" and, although she didn't know him very well, she wanted to support her stepdad and attend the funeral.

"Because her stepdad's family lives far away (a 4 hour drive), she took the whole day off and planned to drive there with her brother. I was invited as well but we have two kids (6 and 2), so we agreed that I would stay home and take the kids to school/daycare and go to work," he wrote via Reddit.

He explained that "unfortunately" their youngest child "got sick" a few days prior to the funeral, which threw a wrench in their plans.

"I was going through a big project at work that I've been leading AND my wife has to go to an important seminar, the days before as well. Therefore I had to stay home, first one day, then my mom took a day off to watch him while I was working and then I took another day off, while my wife was at the seminar," he continued.

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The day before the funeral he told his wife that he wouldn't be able to take any additional days off work, and since their child was still sick, she would have to skip the funeral and stay home to take care of the children.

The woman was devastated to miss the funeral and kept "talking about how I let her stepdad down, that she really wanted to go for his sake and how I thought work was more important than that."

"Now, I am truly sorry that she couldn't go and I gave my condolences to her stepdad and told him that I was sorry about the whole situation. But my wife is still mad at me," the man concluded.

In the comments section, users blasted the man for being selfish and not accommodating his wife's needs.

"What would you have done if your wife staying home to watch your kid wasn’t an option? It seems like you took it for granted that she would be there to watch the kid so you could go to work. You assumed that your work would be the priority, and that she would stay home to watch the kid so you could do that. What your wife wanted to do was automatically the lowest priority to you, and the first thing you sacrificed when there was a conflict," one person wrote.

"You couldn’t find a babysitter or something? It doesn’t matter who she knows well or not, what matters is that this meant a lot to your wife. You can’t decide what means something to your wife or not. If you respect her and love her, you’ll apologize for making her miss something that she can never make up for," another commented.

"[You do] not the one who decides who is or isn't close/important to someone else. This is just a plain ass move," someone else shared.

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