Winter, as much as many of us like the cooler weather, can be an especially dangerous time for fires. Let's face it our homes are full of appliances and such that are made just to warm our houses. Sometimes those warming appliances can become a very real danger that can lead to serious damage, injury and death. That's not a chance you want to take with your property and your family.

Every year, nearly a thousand people perish in house fires. Most of those deaths could have been prevented by simply installing a smoke alarm in your home. At the same time, a good smoke alarm is not in everyone's budget. Luckily, the American Red Cross has a new program called "Home Fire Campaign."

As part of "Home Fire Campaign," the Red Cross has set a goal to reduce death and injury by house fires by 25%. In order to achieve that goal, the Red Cross will be distributing free smoke alarms to people right here in the area. To receive your free smoke alarm, call (337) 656-0835 or stop by the main office located at 3512 Kirkman St. in Lake Charles.

In a house fire, every second counts and thanks to the American Red Cross, you can give your family some peace of mind when it comes to the danger of house fires. Please take advantage of this offer and keep your family protected. The Red Cross is being assisted by local fire departments to help you stay safe from house fires.



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