I thought (like a lot of others) that the Red Cross worked wherever  major catastrophes put people in need. That it is a big organization that helps when thousands of people are hurting. That is partly true. The truth is the Red Cross helps families right here in Lake Charles make it through personal catastrophes all the time.

getty images/John Moore

We all know that the Red Cross helped a lot of local people after Hurricanes Rita and Ike. Did you know that the Lake Charles Red Cross is active year round helping people right here? Yesterday at 5:30 in the afternoon (while you were driving home) Lake Charles Red Cross volunteers were providing shelter, food, clothing, personal hygiene supplies and other resources to residence of 2234 Sixth St. after a fire displaced them. Last week alone Red Cross volunteers reached out to help eight Southwest Louisiana families who were victims of house fires.

Red Cross volunteers in our community provide vital assistance when families need it the most. You can help our local Red Cross by providing a safe place to stay, food, emotional support and many other kinds of assistance. I hope your family never needs the Red Cross; but rest assured that they will be there if you do.