Most fishermen can tell the tale of the big one that got away. Remember, it's not true that all fishermen lie. But it is true that only liars fish.

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However, in an article from, we learn that angler Paul Hefner has an entirely different story to tell.

Hefner's Big Fish Did NOT Get Away

And he's got the pictures to prove that his big one certainly did NOT get away. Well, not until after he had measured and weighed it.

Photo from Texas Parks and Wildlife Facebook page
Photo from Texas Parks and Wildlife Facebook page

Hefner did release the fish to fight again another day, but this alligator gar was just enormous. Measuring seven feet and six inches long and weighing a whopping 207 pounds, it's been determined that Hefner's gar is the largest ever caught on Texas' Lake Corpus Christi.

Of the alligator gar, has this to say:

They are one of the oldest fish in the world, with origins dating back to the Early Cretaceous over 100 million years ago. These living fossils have retained many of their early ancestors’ characteristics.

To get a little perspective on how impressive Hefner's catch is, lists the record rod and reel catches of every fish type in Louisiana and our very own Red River gave up the two largest alligator gar ever caught in the Bayou State.

What's The Louisiana Record For An Alligator Gar Caught on Rod and Reel?

The largest was caught by Jimmy L. Thompson in May of 1997 and weighed 179 pounds.  That very same month, also on the Red, angler James Strickland landed the second largest alligator gar in Louisiana weighing 134 pounds.  Obviously, both of these are no where near the size of Hefner's fish.

However, while we certainly don't want to take anything away from Hefner's catch, it pales in comparison to the world record alligator gar caught on rod and reel, which also happens to have been caught in Texas.

According to Texas Parks and Wildlife, that fish was caught from the Rio Grande by Bill Valverde on January 1, 1951, and weighed an incredible 279 pounds.

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