Fish Fry!
With Lent beginning Fridays become no-meat days for Catholics. That means fish or seafood on Fridays and a temporary boom for seafood restaurants. Where are you going to get your fish?
Be Nice to Bigfoot And Other Weird Laws
You have all seen the commercials where the two guys are messing with Bigfoot. Did you know that was against the law in Washington state? Here are 10 of the strangest laws still on the books in the US? Did you know after the age of 65 that first cousins can legally get married in Utah? You'll b…
Mutant Fish?
We have all seen the two headed fish on the Simpsons supposedly caused by the nuclear reactor where Homer works. No we may be seeing real mutant fish and other creatures in the gulf due to the BP spill.
Fish Jumping In the Boat! [VIDEO]
I love to fish! There are times when the specs are so plentiful that it seems the are almost jumping in the boat. I'm sure you have heard someone using that analogy. Well this time it is true .... literally!