I'll bet this was a weird experience. These guys were messing around on a dock just watching the water when what looks like a good sized tuna makes an appearance. While the guys are watching the fish swim about, a seagull lands on the water. What a lovely seascape we have going here. Then, hunger took over the fish and the fun began.

the fish merely comes up inder the unlucky bird and swallows the darn thing in one gulp. I don't know if the bird didn't taste good or there was another problem but the bird survived the ordeal since the fish just spat it out.

Considering the circumstances, it was a pretty good day for the guys on the dock since they got a cool video of the event. It was a good day for the seagull since it didn't become dinner for the fish. Looks like the only loser in this video is the poor fish.

You won't believe how fast this fish swallows up the seagull.

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