The news has been crazy lately with stories about how certain gadgets around your house can be used to spy on you and the media has had quite a field day with Kelly Anne Conway and her assertion that we can even be spied upon through a microwave. I don't know why the media is so incredulous, we all know it's more than possible.

Well, to add credence to the assertion that various gadgets can indeed spy on us, Time Magazine came up with a story of real gadgets from our everyday lives that can, indeed, spy on us.

From that Time Magazine article, here are a few of the household items that can be used to gather information about us and a few helpful suggestions to make thosae gadgets a bit more secure.

1.  Computer Camera --. First of all, put a piece of tape over the lens. Yes, it's the 2017 version of a nerd taping his glasses together, but it works. You might want to also disable the microphone.


2.  Location Trackers Apps - Yeah, not always a great idea. I understand that apps like Google Maps and Facebook are fairly secure, but there are many apps that track you location that may not be as secure.


3.  Software -- It's a good idea to update your phone's software from time to time. Most updates will include new security fixes. It's your best hope for keeping at least a step ahead of hackers and such.


4.  Voice Recognition - I know you love the voice recog feature, but it can lead to a world of trouble. This problem is especially true with some of the newer iPhones. With some of the newer models, all you have to do is speak and you're in. Such ease of access is a two way street. Convenient, but it could be risky. Why so? Well, hackers could be listening in. Scary thought, isn't it?

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Here is the source material for this article from Time Magazine






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