A survey asked young kids between the ages of 6 and 11 what they'd like to see added as school subjects, and you'll never guess the answers they gave.


Some of the kids' answers are exactly what you think, but a lot of other topics that you might not expect made the list too.

The top response was a class on "How to be a YouTube star," which, in a way, could be considered an early business class.

Top 10 Subjects Kids Wished They Had In School:

How to be a YouTube star


How to look after pets


How to cook my favorite meal


How to be good at video games


How to eat healthily


How to recycle


How to be brave


How to cheer someone up


How to make people laugh


How to be proud of myself


Others that made the Top 30 include: 

      • Looking after plants
      • making friends
      • telling a good joke
      • respecting other people
      • being a better listener
      • and how to make toast

I've always wanted to be a YouTube star too. I would love to sit in on that class and learn different filming techniques and how to get the YouTube algorithm to suggest your videos to users. I gotta tell you, as a parent, number ten broke my heart. It's sad and scary that so many kids look down on themselves that this actually made the list, and to be so high on the list. Our kids need to know we love them and that we're proud of them in a bad way.

Check out all the kids' answers, click here.

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