It was just before 11:30 yesterday morning when police were called out to a business called Check Into Cash. When they got to the scene, authorities learned that three men had entered the business, where one of them feigned interest about obtaining a loan. When the clerk asked for some identification, two of the men produced handguns and demanded money. The trio then left the business to a waiting car being driven by a 4th suspect. The vehicle used in the getaway is described as a grey 4-door sedan. The vehicle also has chrome trim around the back windows.

While the crime was in progress, there were three customers in the store and, while none of the patrons were harmed, two of them did have their cell phones taken from them. Later in the day, one of the suspects call Check Into Cash from on one of the stolen cell phones. The suspect is said to have told officers that he was watching them as they investigated the crime, and that he would harm them.

Anyone with any information please contact the Lake Charles Police Department.

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