Bruce Springsteen had his opportunity to poke fun at last weekend’s plug-pulling incident with his very next gig in Dublin. However, Paul McCartney, who is not on tour at the moment, had to wait a bit to make his public jab at the headline-making move by officials during his curfew-breaking guest appearance with Springsteen.


The vocalist used his spot as an Olympic performer to make light of things. In a new video just posted, McCartney teases that there’s one week left before the Olympic performance. In the clip, the stage is in the process of being set up when drummer Abe Laboriel Jr. starts playing around. Then the full group eventually jumps aboard with McCartney teasing the appearance for those watching.

After making the announcement, Paul and his band start rocking out the Beatles classic, ‘I Saw Her Standing There,’ but much like the Springsteen performance, they find their amplification cut mid-song. Befuddled, the band members shrug their shoulders at one another before McCartney returns to the mic where he audibly asks, “Who pulled the plug?”

McCartney will close opening night of the Olympic Ceremonies July 27.

Watch Paul McCartney Tease His Appearance at the 2012 Summer Olympics

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