We've had thousands of products thrown at us that promise to make us look and feel younger. Most of them are from various cosmetic companies, but now, a British geneticist says,"We have a pill for that."

ABOVE:From "Little Big Man" Dustin Hoffman age 33, made up to look 121 .

Dame Linda Partridge, a geneticist at University College London, says that medical science is on the brink of developing a drug that, while not promising immortality, will at least help us grow old gracefully. The drug, according to Partridge, will lower the risk of diseases like cancer and dementia by treating the root cause which is, of course, aging.

Partridge explained the reason that the drug is being developed by saying, “We are not talking about immortality, we are trying to get rid of that period of ill health that people get towards the end of their lives, to hold off age related disease for longer."

Oddly enough the drug accomplishes it's goal by mimicking a restricted diet.  Genetic alterations and diet restriction in animals have been shown to delay ageing by blocking parts of the chemical network in our bodies which co-ordinates everything from growth and metabolism to our reproductive system.

Some drugs licensed for use in humans, including aspirin and metformin, a common diabetes drug, have already been found to mimic the way these gene mutations and dietary restriction affect our bodies, and have a similar effect.

Jelly donuts and fried chicken for dinner! Just take a pill afterwards!!! I love it!

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