If you're tired of walking into restaurants and seeing signed movie posters, Namco Entertainment has the answer for you -- a Pac-Man theme restaurant.

We've decided Illinois is super lucky considering it's been chosen as the first place Namco dubbed worthy of a Pac-Man-themed restaurant. The symbol of most people's childhoods is coming to Schaumburg's Woodfield Mall. The little yellow eating machine will be running around on 40,000 square-feet according to the Chicago Tribune.

The classic Pac-Man game had 256 levels, so Namco decided to brand its new restaurant Level 257 in allusion to going above and beyond what was possible. In a statement by Namco Entertainment, it announced the restaurant would be opening in a former warehouse space owned by Sears and that, when opened, it will be celebrating Pac-Man's 35th Anniversary.

Fans of the video game can expect the restaurant to open in January when they can visit it and see if you can defeat your enemies Blinky, Pinky, Inky and Clyde while there.

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