As if you didn't have enough problems getting work done today, Google just unveiled the coolest thing to happen to maps since the invention of "north."

By clicking a button on the bottom of any Google Map, you can turn the streets of your town into a Pac-Man board.

Look for this button on any Google Map (Google Maps)
Look for this button on any Google Map (Google Maps)

I just picked a random part of Lake Charles.  Go to the bottom corner, click the Pac-Man icon, and the map turns into a Pac-Man board, complete with ghosts, power-ups, cherries -- the whole shebang.  You use the keyboard arrows to move around, and just like Pac-Man, going off the side of the screen loops you to the other side.

That can get a little dicey if you've picked a map with weird street placements.  Finding a part of town with a grid works best, obviously.

I've been playing for half an hour in my old neighborhood from my hometown, Jennings. I gotta keep them ghosts away from my house, man!

[h/t Buzzfeed]

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