Could be moanin’ indeed as I entertain a new “friend” named “Arthur-itis” this morning. It certainly isn’t from over exercising!

We visited the new Kroger store on Friday, as did many other residents, and found it to be a very nice store. Shelves fully stocked or in the process of being replenished. I’m always amazed by the fact we seem to don a “cloak of invisibility”, as people cut in front of us or reach for something as if we’re not there. I was amused as one family of four: dad, mom and two daughters came along side of us, then stopped in front of us so dad could fondle a silicone pot holder. His wife glanced up from her phone briefly, then he put it back and off they went, the ladies looking at their phones the whole time. Can’t anybody disconnect anymore?

Someone did offer to help me reach a box of cereal from the top shelf, though, so not everyone is rude. Again, a nice place to shop, has that “new store smell”, yeah I just made that up. Still don’t bag worth a darn as we found a bag containing three boxes of cereal and a five pound bag of flour. There was also a bag with about six or seven cans in it that was ripped by the time it made it to the car. Forgot the bread, though, probably because we never saw it. Maybe next week.

After arriving home, we of course put everything away, fed the cats, and turned on the Rangers game. We’d prefer to see the Astros, but we don’t have that network. Dave Raymond and C.J. Nitkowski call the games this year, and gosh, they are hard to take. Mr. Nitkowski is a former major league pitcher who always did very nicely on games carried by Fox, but he just talks so much on Rangers games I wonder if he’s being paid by the word!

I have turned the sound down at times, because sometimes I feel like they’re talking down to me. You don’t have to explain everything like I know nothing about the game. After the sixth inning, we watched a couple of shows off the DVR and saw the end of the game before hitting the sack.

Saturday, we had to take one of our cats to the vet for his annual checkup and shots. Funny that we don’t do that for ourselves, isn’t it? Anyway, when we arrived home we noticed a dead animal of some sort in the grass between the street and the sidewalk of the rent house behind us. Whoever mowed that yard moved what was a dead cat onto our property for me to pick up. Nice guy, huh?

Sunday was beautiful, and we did nothing all afternoon. Well, ok, we nodded off during the Rangers game. Thanks, guys! I did talk to my mom. She spent the day with two of my brothers and she got the flowers we sent.

I know the reason for this, but I’m still amused that I can hear my wife’s phone ping way back in the bedroom but I can’t hear the dishwasher beep when it’s finished.

It’s a beautiful day. Enjoy it!

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