Once upon a time, no one was out there regulating toys and having the dangerus ones pulled from the market. I can remember these cool little playsets that every kid had. Most of them were made of tin and the corners and such were sharp as razors. My folks never thought of suing when I got cut several times while paying with my robin Hood castle.

Well, friends those sharp edged pieces of tin were nothing compared to the dangers some of these toys bring with them. Some of the toys in this video go way back to the 40s and were talking a time when there were no safety regulations. Kids were kind of on their own when it came to playing with certain toys.

I must have had a thousand toys that could have all been on the list. When I think of the long lists of toys I had that could have killed me, it's a wonder there are any kids from my generation left alive.

Check out this video. You're going to wonder just how they tought these toys were a good idea.

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