What a world. Now, we have to be cautious when shopping for mom on-line. it's not just identity theft that is going on on some of these shopping sites. it's downright fraud all the way around.

There are plenty of reputable sites on that and they are all well known. Still, if you're shopping for a bargain you may find yourself searching on sites you've never heard of. That's when you need to be extra cautious.

Wouldn't you know that most of these sites have items that are very popular, not just for mother's day, but year round. While you can get ripped off buying just about anything on-line, there are certain gifts that some rip off sites especially like to feature. You'll find a great deal of stolen merchandise on some of these sites so use extreme caution.

The big three major rip offs go like this:

1. Watches and jewelry - It's almost always risky to buy such things from a site you are not familiar with, These sites feature top name watches for amazing discounts. Really amazing discounts. If you find a Rolex or a Kate Spade watch for an unbelievable price, it's probably stolen or a clever knock off.

2. Vacations - There are a million good vacation sites out there that are perfectly reputable and legit, but you have to be careful here as well. According to an article in the New York Post, crooks really love ripping people off on bogus Disney vacations. The article stresses that Disneyland in Anaheim and Disney World in Orlando are particular favorites of con artists.

Another alarm should go off when you are directed to pay for these vacations using sites like Bitcoins, iTunes or sites like that. You also have to be alert even if they ask you to pay through Pay Pal.

3.     High End Fashions - Fake clothes, fake labels and stolen products. Especially watch for sites you're not familiar with that feature those high-end and trendy fashions. Many of these sites have clothes that look just like Vera Wang, but they are fake and they have a fake label on them. Expensive leather coats are a real favorite of con artists.

Again, it's best to stick to the well known sites and manufacturers sites as well. There are a world of great deals on Amazon and other reputable sites.







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