Somewhere in the Texas panhandle, you will find the intersection of Gary Drive and Shannon Drive. How cool is that? Well, there is a new website that will help you find your intersection no matter where it is in the U.S.

The website was put together by a guy named Jason Feifer who just happens to be the editor of Enterpreneur Magazine. If you're a budding self employed business person, this just may be your magazine, but now Feifer has come up with something new and it's kind of fun.

Basically what you do is type in any two names and the program will tell you where in America your two name streets intersect. You can type in your first and last name or, if you wish, you can type in your name and the name of your significant other. You can even type in the name of your pets if you like. Just have fun experimenting with different combinations.

By the way, not all the intersections have a street view on the map so you may not be able to see what your intersection looks like, but you'll have fun looking for it.

Here's where you go to find YOUR Intersection.



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