One thing you can count on with kids is the fact that they get to the point. They don't have time for flowery superfluous words that simply get in the way of what they are trying to say. Here are ten things we found on the Internet that kids did a better job of naming than we adults did.

  • 1

    Battle Unicorn

    You can't argue with this at all. It's got the one horn and it certainly looks as if it could go into battle at any moment.

    JunkinVideo via YouTube
  • 2

    Face Grass

    It grows. It needs to be mowed. You can lose things in  in it why wouldn't a better name for a beard be face grass.

    djedzura, ThinkStock
  • 3

    Hand Socks

    Then we could all have a hand socks box in our car instead of a box for garments that no one has worn since Michael Jackson died.

  • 4

    Cloud Factory

    It certainly looks like that's what they're making with these contraptions. You see a tube, you see a  puff, you see a cloud. Cancer not included.

    quick silver via YouTube
  • 5

    Boo Boo Trucks

    In the mind of a child any injury is a boo boo and if you need a truck to pick you up after you've had a boo boo you should call a boo boo truck. It all makes too much sense.

    Staff Photo
  • 6

    Halloween Eagle

    This could be a crow or a raven. I couldn't tell the difference until they opened their mouth and they both look pretty sinister so I think this moniker fits just fine.

    Documentaries in HD via YouTube
  • 7

    Cowboy Trumpet

    Sure it looks like a harmonica but on the wide open prairie, it was the musical instrument of choice. Often accompanied by the rhythmic pa rump a pum pum of the cowboy beans.

    Movieclips via YouTube
  • 8

    Butt Burps

    Well, technically this is accurate. It is a burp that comes from the basement instead of the attic.

    Kevin Winter/Getty Images
  • 9

    Roli Poli Rice

    Who needs the Japanese language to communicate what sushi really is. We just need the honest appraisal of children and we will get what we ask for.
  • 10

    Snack Hole

    Those are pockets for those of you who can't seem to muster up childlike thoughts. Think about it, where do you put your snacks? In your pockets or snack holes.