Data compiled by fitness and workout tracker apps, MyFitnessPal and MapMyFitness, examined the habits of a combined 90 million users across the country. The two apps looked at several factors including dietary and workout habits of the 90 million users.

Since you had to be a user of one of the apps to be part of the study, the final figures are hardly hard, cold science, but according to the survey, California is the ranked as the healthiest state. California is followed on the list by Arizona, Washington and Oregon. What is it about the Pacific Northwest?

I'm happy to report that, for once, Louisiana is not ranked at the bottom of the list. No, that honor goes to Wyoming followed by North and South Dakota, Washington DC and Delaware.

So, where does Louisiana fall into this list? Given our love for food, it's no surprise that Louisiana came in at #33. Not all that great; not all that bad. At least, for once, we weren't at the bottom of the list. Pass the cracklins.


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