Seems rather odd that a report on hurricanes is coming out of Colorado, but they've checked the figures over and over and it looks like we could be in for a busier hurricane season than forecasters originally predicted.

According to the number crunchers at Colorado State University, due to some changes in the patterns of El Nino, we should be prepared for above average activity in the Atlantic this year. Here we are in July and we're already tracking what could be our 4th named storm of the season.

Those of us who live along the coast are very familiar with El Nino and the effect it can have on hurricanes, but according to the study from CSU,

"The odds of a significant El Niño in 2017 have continued to diminish, and most of the tropical and subtropical Atlantic remains anomalously warm"

We all know how much hurricanes love warm gulf water and those warmer waters could certainly mean that it is possible that a major hurricane could make landfall, not only along the coast, but in the Caribbean as well. The University of Colorado is not alone in their revaluation of the hurricane season.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has also released a study saying that we can expect a busier than usual season. Now, keep in mind that these figures are not predictions for a major storm like Rita to form. The report simply states that have the right conditions for the formation of tropical storms and hurricanes.


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