Things must change in New Orleans or tourism in Louisiana could be in jeopardy. That's the message from Lt. Governor Billy Nungesser. He is waving a huge red flag to the leaders of the crescent city.

Nungesser says crime is out of control in New Orleans and it has to be addressed. In fact, Nungesser says the lenient policies in place now are putting the general public in danger. He says one suspect was caught with machine gun at one of the Mardi Gras parades in the French Quarter and was sent home and not arrested. He says this would not happen in any other community in the nation.

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Nungesser says these lax policies could be devastating to the future of tourism in our state. He has told KEEL News many times before that "as goes tourism in New Orleans, so goes tourism in our state."

Nungesser also told us he has been very vocal and says "the city is in a spiral and it's not good."

Nungesser says Louisiana had a great Mardi Gras season, but we did have problems in New Orleans. There are efforts to recall Mayor LaToya Cantrell and he says organizers do have enough signatures. Nungesser is calling on the Governor to call for a recall election as soon as possible. "With all the positive things going on in New Orleans we surely need a shakeup in New Orleans to change things."

Lt Governor's Office
Lt Governor's Office

What Could Happen in New Orleans?

Nungesser says "I hold my breath every day waiting for one of these famous restaurants in the French Quarter to say we have had enough. We've gotta make a change quickly. There are several clubs operating down there that don't attract the people we want. And they'll run out of those clubs and start shooting people."

Nungesser says we must start taking action now to clean up the French Quarter. He has previously proposed legislation to make it a state park or a special historical district managed by a board set up with people who live and work there.

Nungesser says the French Quarter is an important state asset and if people quit going there, "it's gonna affect tourism for the whole state."

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