A single mom is livid after her teenage daughter went out with her friends instead of helping during a family emergency.

On Reddit, the mom explained she asked her teenage daughter, 16, to watch her youngest daughter, 8, so she could rush her son, 12, to the ER. Hours later, the mom discovered that the teen had dropped her little sister off with the neighbors so she could go out with friends instead.

The mom explained in her post that she only ever asked her teenage daughter to babysit once before — which she paid her $15 per hour for — because she doesn't want her daughter to "miss out on her teenage years."

"I apologized that she'd have to miss out on time with friends but said I'd pay her, and she could even have her friends over at our place," the mom shared, adding that she told her daughter she'd pay her $18 per hour to watch her little sister while she took the girl's brother to the hospital, as he had tested positive for RSV and was very sick.

The teen was upset and asked her mom if she could drop her little sister off with the neighbors they don't have any relationship with, so her mom told her no.

A few hours later, when the mom called to check in with her teen daughter, she "heard people talking in the background" and assumed her daughter had friends over. But then the teen confessed she had dropped her sister off at their neighbors' house.

To make matters worse, the teen never considered exchanging contact information.

"I get teenage logic, but still. I made her FaceTime me when she got home," the frustrated mom wrote, sharing that the following day, she lectured and grounded her daughter for her thoughtless behavior.

"She got mad at me and said I can't expect her to drop her plans. She told me that's not her problem. She's also mad because I won't pay her," the woman concluded.

In the comments section, Reddit sided with the mom and called the teenager "irresponsible" and "selfish."

"As someone (a healthy mid-twenties adult) who got RSV last year and ended up in the hospital overnight, she put that family at risk. RSV/COVID/other illnesses are HIGHLY infectious. Not only did she abandon her little sister in an EMERGENCY situation, but she could've landed someone else in the hospital," one person commented.

"Left the child with the neighbors with no way to contact mom or anyone in an emergency, even. SO irresponsible," another wrote.

"Left sister with strangers, didn't give or take contact information, doesn't care about sister at all, doesn't care that brother could literally be dying...very vain, very selfish teen," someone else shared.

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